Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Join us on Tuesday's at 6:15pm
105 Wyandotte St., Orillia, ON
PO. Box 901
Orillia On
L3V 6K8 





Regular Training night at Squadron Tuesday

Winter Dress 



Thank You to all who brought in bottles, we will have another night set up Mar 26th at the

Squadron for any people who were not able to drop off or have more to offer.

So again, please round up any refundable bottles and bring them with you on the 26th.

Thank You 



Stay tuned! 

Work is being conducted as we speak on a

New Reformatted Website

Until such time as the new site is introduced

this site will continue to be updated with events and activities



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 Date  Event

Regular Training Night26-Mar-2019


Regular Training Night19-Mar-2019


Washington Trip10-Mar-2019

See Newsletter, Kit List etc on front page..

Washington Trip Intake Night09-Mar-2019

1800hrs (6:00pm) ALL Cadets going on the Washington trip are to be at the Squadron with ALL ..

Bottle Drive05-Mar-2019

All Parents are asked to bring in any refundable bottles they have or can obtain to assist in ou..



Regular Training Night26-Feb-2019


Tag Days22-Feb-2019

This is a mandatory Cadet activity. It is our Major Fundraiser and it is responsible for fundin..

Regular Training Night19-Feb-2019


New Cadet - Uniform Fitting15-Feb-2019

New Cadets only, Uniform fitting at the Squadron from 1700hrs - 1900hrs (5pm - 7pm)..

Valentines Dance15-Feb-2019

1900hrs - 2100hrs (7pm - 9pm) At the Squadron..

Band Practice14-Feb-2019

1900hrs - 2100hrs (7pm - 9pm)..

Snow Tubing - CANCELLED14-Feb-2019


Drill Team Practice13-Feb-2019

1900hrs - 2100hrs (7pm - 9pm) Bring Boots and Wedge..

Regular Training Night12-Feb-2019


Regular Training Night05-Feb-2019


Flying Scholarship Exams12-Jan-2019


Christmas Stand Down22-Dec-2018

Christmas Holidays..

Christmas Banquet Dinner18-Dec-2018

Details to follow..

Kettle Drive15-Dec-2018

See Warning Order below for details... https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresystems.com/2019/..

Tour of Lights09-Dec-2018

Cadets are asked to be at the Bus Yard at 13 Brammer Drive at 1730 hrs (5:30pm) https://oril..

Coldwater Santa Claus Parade01-Dec-2018

See attached Warring Order for details https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresystems.com/2019/..

Regular Training Night27-Nov-2018


Regular Training Night20-Nov-2018


Orillia Santa Claus Parade 18-Nov-2018

See attached Warring Order for Details https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresystems.com/2019/..

Regular Training Night13-Nov-2018


Orillia 100th Anniversary of The November 11th Armistice10-Nov-2018

Please see below link for details and ensure you are signed up if available to take part htt..

Remembrance Day Ceremonies 10-Nov-2018

See attached Warning Order for details and ensure you are signed up. This is a mandatory eve..

Oro-Medonte Remembrance Service04-Nov-2018

See below link for details... https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresystems.com/2019/Oro-M..

Take a Vet to Dinner 03-Nov-2018

See below link for details https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresystems.com/2019/Take..

Poppy Days02-Nov-2018

See below link for details https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresystems.com/2019/Popp..

Regular Training Night30-Oct-2018


Regular Training Night23-Oct-2018


Washington Trip Parent Info Night23-Oct-2018

See link to Newsletter for same https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresystems.com/2019/Washing..

Field Training Exercise21-Oct-2018

See attached Warring order for details. Also Annex I for directions https://orilliaaircadets..

Tag Days19-Oct-2018

This is our Major Fund Raising Event and as such ALL CADETS are REQUIRED to do at LEAST 2 shifts..

Regular Training Night16-Oct-2018


Regular Training Night09-Oct-2018


CO's Parade02-Oct-2018

ODAS Park..

Gliding Weekend28-Sep-2018

See Sign up Genius for details and to sign up. https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresystems.c..

Regular Training Night25-Sep-2018


Regular Training Night18-Sep-2018


Regular Training Night11-Sep-2018


Fall Fair Tickets Sales07-Sep-2018

OPC Air Cadet Ticket Sales Orillia Fall Fair Warning Order Event: OPC Air Cadet L..

Annual Corn Roast/Welcome Back04-Sep-2018

Details to follow..

ODAS Clean up03-Sep-2018


B-25 Mitchell Landing Party16-Jul-2018

B-25 MITCHELL LANDING PARTY On Monday July 16th, the Cadets of 99 Ly..

Hawkestone Canada Day Parade01-Jul-2018

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED This year 99 Sqadron will be participating in the Hawkstone Ca..

Summer Camp Information Night 19-Jun-2018

All Cadets attending Summer Camp are required to attend WITH THEIR PARENTS to obtain information..

Annual Review10-Jun-2018

Barnfield Arena..

Awards Night05-Jun-2018

At ODAS Parents and friends welcome and encouraged to come out...

Spring FTX01-Jun-2018

https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresystems.com/2018/Annex%20E.docx (/2018/Annex E.docx) https:/..


North Bay..


See attached Warning Order for Details... https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresystems.com/20..

ODAS - CO's Parade01-May-2018

Also, Change of Command Practice..

Mess Dinner28-Apr-2018

Sgt's and above, Mess Dinner. Branch 34 Royal Canadian Legion, Vimy Room Cadets are to ..

Regular Training Night24-Apr-2018


Regular Training Night17-Apr-2018


Regular Training Night10-Apr-2018


Huntsville Sports Day07-Apr-2018

Please sign up asap on Sign-up Genius..

CO's Parade - ODAS03-Apr-2018


Regular Training Night27-Mar-2018


Regular Training Night20-Mar-2018


Annual Trip - Dayton Ohio11-Mar-2018

All Cadets are reminded to ensure you have paid your portion for the trip All Cadets are als..

Trip - Kit Check10-Mar-2018

1700 hrs - 1900 hrs (5pm - 7pm)..

Regular Training Night06-Mar-2018


Regular Training Night06-Mar-2018


Regular Training Night27-Feb-2018


Winter Tag Days23-Feb-2018

Mandatory for ALL CADETS to attend 2 sessions..

Regular Training Night20-Feb-2018


Snow Tubing15-Feb-2018

See attached Warning Order for details... Enjoy! https://orilliaaircadets.worldsecuresys..

Regular Training Night13-Feb-2018


Aviation Day -Level 3&411-Feb-2018

Mandatory for all Level 3 and 4 Cadets Civilian dress 0800 hrs - 1630 hrs..

Regular Training Night06-Feb-2018


Senior Course Interviews03-Feb-2018

Details to follow..

Regular Training Night30-Jan-2018


Regular Training Night23-Jan-2018


Tim Horton's Camp Weekend19-Jan-2018

Please review attached Notice to Cadets and Parents/Guardians for details https://orilliaair..

Regular Training Night16-Jan-2018


Flying Scholarship Exams13-Jan-2018

Details on locations etc to follow...

Regular Training Night09-Jan-2018


Flying Scholarship Training06-Jan-2018

See attached Warning Order and Schedule http://99lynx.com/2018/ground%20school%202017-18.doc..

Christmas Stand Down23-Dec-2017


Christmas Banquet19-Dec-2017

$ 15.00 per person including Cadets..

Kettle Drive16-Dec-2017

Shift # 1 - 1200 - 1400 Shift # 2 - 1400 - 1600 Shift # 3 - 1600 - 1800 Shift # 4 - ..

Regular Training Night12-Dec-2017


Tour of Lights10-Dec-2017

2017 TOUR OF LIGHTS Warning Order Event / ..

Regular Training - ODAS05-Dec-2017


Coldwater Santa Clause Parade02-Dec-2017

See attached Warning Order http://99lynx.com/2018/coldwater%20santa%20clause%20PARADE%20%202..

Flying Scholarship 30-Nov-2017

All Flying Scholarship Cadets are to attend the Squadron at 1900 hrs..

Regular Training Night28-Nov-2017


Passport Clinic27-Nov-2017

1700 hrs - 1900 hrs (5-7 pm) At Bruce Stanton's Office located at Willow Creek Plaza on the ..

Flying Scholarship Training25-Nov-2017

See attached Warning Order ans Schedule http://99lynx.com/2018/ground%20school%202017-18.doc..

Orillia Santa Clause Parade19-Nov-2017

See attached Warning Order http://99lynx.com/2018/ORILLIA%20SANTA%20CLAUSE%20%20PARADE%20%20..

Remembrance Day Service11-Nov-2017

Warning Order to be attached... ..

Remembrance Vigil 10-Nov-2017

See attached Warning Orders http://99lynx.com/2018/Vigal%20Instructions%202017.doc (/2018/Vi..

Oro Medonte Remembrance Service05-Nov-2017

See attached Warning Order http://99lynx.com/2018/oro-medonte%202017%20(2).docx (/2018/oro-m..

Flying Scholarship Training04-Nov-2017

See attached Warning Order and Schedule http://99lynx.com/2018/ground%20school%202017-18.doc..

Poppy Sales03-Nov-2017

See attached Warning Order http://99lynx.com/2018/2017%20POPPY%20DAYS.doc (/2018/2017 POPPY ..

Take a Vet to Dinner28-Oct-2017

See attached Warning Order http://99lynx.com/2018/Take%20A%20Vet%20To%20DinnerFINAL.docx (/2..

Tag Days20-Oct-2017

See Warning Order for times etc. http://99lynx.com/2018/99%20lynxs%20Sqn%20tag%20days,%2020-..

Fall Gliding - North Bay29-Sep-2017

See attached Warning Order http://99lynx.com/2018/Fall%20%20Gliding%202017.doc (/2018/Fall G..

Regular Training 26-Sep-2017


Coldwater Fall Fair Ticket Sales22-Sep-2017

See attached Warning Order http://99lynx.com/2018/OPC%20TICKET%20SALES%20Coldwater%20FALL%20..

Regular Training19-Sep-2017


Orillia Fall Fair Ticket Sales08-Sep-2017

See attached Warning Order http://99lynx.com/2018/OPC%20TICKET%20SALES%20ORILLIA%20FALL%20%2..

Corn Roast05-Sep-2017

All cadets and Parents are welcome. New Recruits please come and join us with your Parents ..

Fairgrounds Cleanup04-Sep-2017

Warning Order to be attached ..

Annual Review11-Jun-2017


Awards Night06-Jun-2017


Field Training Exercise (FTX) 02-Jun-2017

See attached Warning Order and Kit List (Annex E) http://99lynx.com/2017/WngO2017FTX.docx (/..

Spring Gliding Weekend26-May-2017

See Warning Order for Details http://99lynx.com/2017/Spring%20Gliding%202017.doc (/2017/Spri..

Canada's Wonderland Trip21-May-2017

See attached Warning Order. http://99lynx.com/2017/Canada's%20Wonderland.doc (/2017/Canada's..

Band Competition12-May-2017

Details and Warning Order will be added soon..

ACAD - Borden06-May-2017

http://99lynx.com/2017/ACAD%202017.doc (/2017/ACAD 2017.doc)..

Regular Training Night25-Apr-2017


Regular Training Night18-Apr-2017


Regular Training Night11-Apr-2017


Regular Training Night04-Apr-2017


Regular Training Night28-Mar-2017


Squadron Sports Day25-Mar-2017

See below link for Warning Order http://99lynx.com/2017/sports%20day%2025-mar-17.doc (/2017/..

Regular Training Resumed21-Mar-2017


Stand down11-Mar-2017


Fun Activity Night07-Mar-2017

http://99lynx.com/2017/FUN%20activity%20night%20March%207%202017.doc (/2017/FUN activity night March..

Tim Hortons Foundation Weekend03-Mar-2017

See link for details Please also ensure you have signed up!!! http://99lynx.com/2017/Tim..

Tim Horton's Trip Kit Check02-Mar-2017

1800 hrs - 2000 hrs See attached Warning Order for details on Kit Check and Notice to Parent..

Regular Training Night28-Feb-2017


Tag Days24-Feb-2017

This is our second Tag Day Weekend and is a Mandatory event for ALL CADETS. See Warning Order f..

Regular Training Night21-Feb-2017


Snow Tubing16-Feb-2017

See Warning Order for Details http://99lynx.com/2017/99%20lynxs%20Sqn%20Snow%20tubing%2016%2..

Regular Training Night14-Feb-2017


Air Cadet Legue Interviews for Sr. Courses11-Feb-2017

Details to follow..

Regular Training Night07-Feb-2017


Aviation Weekend04-Feb-2017

See Warning Order for Details http://99lynx.com/2017/99%20lynxs%20Sqn%20Aviation%20weekend%2..

Regular Training Night31-Jan-2017


Regular Training Night24-Jan-2017


Band Clinic21-Jan-2017

See attached Warning Order for details http://99lynx.com/2017/99%20lynxs%20Sqn%20band%20clin..

Regular Training Night17-Jan-2017


Flying Scholarship Exams14-Jan-2017

Further Details will be announced..

Training Night - ODAS10-Jan-2017

Please note that we will be returning for our 2017 Training schedule and will start off at ODAS ..

Flying Scholarship Review07-Jan-2017

All Candidates are to be seated and ready to go at 0800 hrs..

Orillia 2017 Levi01-Jan-2017

See Attached Warning Order for details http://99lynx.com/2017/ORILLIA%20150%2001%20JAN%20201..

Christmas Stand down21-Dec-2016

No Cadets during this time for Christmas holidays..

Christmas Dinner20-Dec-2016

See attached Warning Order for details... http://99lynx.com/2017/99%20lynx's%20Chrismas%20Di..

Christmas Kettle Drive17-Dec-2016

See link for details http://99lynx.com/2017/2016%20Chrismas%20Kettle%20Drive.doc (/2017/2016..

Regular Training Night13-Dec-2016


Tour of Lights11-Dec-2016

See attached linked for details http://99lynx.com/2016/TOUR%20OF%20LIGHTS%202016.doc (/2016/..

Christmas Kettle Drive10-Dec-2016

See link for details http://99lynx.com/2017/2016%20Chrismas%20Kettle%20Drive.doc (/2017/2016..

Regular Training Night06-Dec-2016


Coldwater Santa Clause Parade03-Dec-2016

See link for details http://99lynx.com/2017/coldwater%20santa%20clause%20PARADE%202016.doc (..

Regular Training Night29-Nov-2016


Regular Training Night22-Nov-2016


Orillia Santa Clause Parade20-Nov-2016

See link for details http://99lynx.com/2017/ORILLIA%20SANTA%20CLAUSE%20%20PARADE%202016.doc ..

Regular Training Night15-Nov-2016



Our Squadron is Proud to be one of very few that hold this very special event to honour those wh..

Regular Training Night08-Nov-2016


Oro Medonte Remembrance Day Ceremony06-Nov-2016

13 Cadets in total are required for this event http://99lynx.com/2017/ORO-MEDONTE%2006-NOV-2..

Poppy Day Sales04-Nov-2016

See attached Warning Order for details http://99lynx.com/2017/2016%20POPPY%20DAYS.docx (/201..

Regular Training Night01-Nov-2016


Range Team30-Oct-2016

1230 - 1530hrs..

Take a Vet to Dinner29-Oct-2016

10 Cadets are required for this event. Please sign up early to ensure you can be part of this v..

Regular Training Night25-Oct-2016


Range Team23-Oct-2016

1230 - 1530hrs..

RCAF CC 130J Hercules Visit23-Oct-2016

See link for details http://99lynx.com/2017/CC130J%2023-Oct-16.doc (/2017/CC130J 23-Oct-16.d..

Tag Days21-Oct-2016

This is a mandatory event for ALL cadets. Please see attached Warring Order outlining all detai..

Regular Training Night18-Oct-2016


Range Team16-Oct-2016

1230 - 1530hrs..

Parent/Cadet Information Night11-Oct-2016

All Cadets and 1 Parent are requested to attend. There will be a Guest Speaker for this night...

Range Team09-Oct-2016

1230 - 1530hrs..

Gliding Weekend - North Bay30-Sep-2016

All Cadets http://99lynx.com/2017/Fall%20Gliding%202016.doc (/2017/Fall Gliding 2016.doc)..

Regular Training Night27-Sep-2016


Aircrew Survival FTX23-Sep-2016

All Cadets See attached Warning Order and Annex for details... http://99lynx.com/2017/Wn..

Coldwater Fall Fair Ticket Sales23-Sep-2016

Please see attached Warning Order for details of this event http://99lynx.com/Warning%20Orde..

Regular Training Night20-Sep-2016


Regular Training Night13-Sep-2016


Orillia Fall Fair Ticket Sales09-Sep-2016

Please see attached Warning Order for details... http://99lynx.com/Warning%20Orders/2017/OPC..

Corn Roast/Registration Night06-Sep-2016

This is our Welcome Back Night where all Cadets and Parents are welcome to join us for a Corn Ro..

ODAS Clean-up05-Sep-2016

Each year as part of our ongoing relationship with ODAS, 99 Lynx Squadron Cadets and Staff assis..

B-17 Flying Fortress visit22-Aug-2016

Lake Simcoe Regional Airport will host a visit from a B-17 Flying Fortress. All Cadets interest..

Canada Day Parade01-Jul-2016


Pre-Camp Parents Meeting21-Jun-2016


Annual Review19-Jun-2016

Barnfield Point Arena..

Awards Night14-Jun-2016


Borden Air Show12-Jun-2016

In light of the recent cancellation of our Year End Trip we have scheduled a trip to the Borden ..

Regular Parade Night31-May-2016


Canada's Wonderland Trip28-May-2016

Cadets are to arrive at the Squadron by 0645 am. See below Warning Order and Consent Form ..

Regular Parade Night24-May-2016


Regular Parade Night17-May-2016


Gliding - CANCELLED13-May-2016

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Gliding in North Bay this weekend has been Cancelled...

Regular Parade Night10-May-2016


Band/Drill Competition 07-May-2016

North Bay..

Regular Parade Night03-May-2016


Familiarization Flying01-May-2016

See attachments for details http://99lynx.com/Warning%20Orders/2016/Warning%20Orders/WARNING..



Regular Parade Night26-Apr-2016


Mess Dinner24-Apr-2016


Regular Parade Night19-Apr-2016


Regular Parade Night12-Apr-2016


Regular Parade Night05-Apr-2016


Regular Training Night29-Mar-2016


Regular Training Night22-Mar-2016


March Break Stand Down12-Mar-2016


Regular Training Night08-Mar-2016


Regulat Training Night - ODAS01-Mar-2016

Note Due to scheduling changes, this weeks CO's parade will take place in Building 1 at ODAS par..

Tag Days26-Feb-2016

Mandatory for ALL CADETS See Warning Orders link below in either Word or PDF Format for Details...

Regular Training Night23-Feb-2016



99 Lynx Cadets will enjoy a fun night of cosmic bowling at the Orillia Bowling Alley 285 Me..

Regular Training Night16-Feb-2016


Air Cadet League Interviews13-Feb-2016

CFB Borden..

YMCA Swimming13-Feb-2016

A Fun Day of Swimming for all Cadets. See Warning Order below in Word or PDF Format for details... ..

Regular Training Night09-Feb-2016


Sports Night04-Feb-2016

See these links for details... http://99lynx.com/Warning%20Orders/2016/Warning%20Orders/wint..

Regular Training Night ODAS02-Feb-2016

Note Due to scheduling changes, this weeks CO's parade will take place in Building 1 at ODAS..

Regular Training Night26-Jan-2016


Regular Training Night19-Jan-2016


YMCA Swimming16-Jan-2016

A Fun Day of Swimming for all Cadets. See Warning Order below in Word or PDF Format for details..

Regular Training Night12-Jan-2016


Flying Scholarship Exams09-Jan-2016

Ensure if you are involved in the Flying Scholarship Program that you have the details for these..

Stand Down19-Dec-2015

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!..

Christmas Banquet15-Dec-2015


Regular Training Night15-Dec-2015


Salvation Army's Christmas Kettle Campaign12-Dec-2015

1200-2000 hrs (Noon - 8 pm) Outside LCBO Orillia ,ON 8 cadets , 2 per shift x 4 shifts ..

Regular Training Night08-Dec-2015


2015 Moonstone Santa Claus Parade06-Dec-2015

See attached Warning Orders Moonstone Warning Order (/2015/Moonstone santa Clause Parade 201..

2015 Coldwater Santa Claus Parade05-Dec-2015

See attached Warning Orders 2015 Coldwater Santa Claus Parade (/2015/Coldwater santa Clause ..

Regular Training Night01-Dec-2015


Salvation Army's Christmas Kettle Campaign28-Nov-2015

1200-2000 hrs (Noon - 8 pm) Canadian Tire Orillia 8 cadets , 2 per shift x 4 shifts ..

Level 5 Training PO50327-Nov-2015

Please note that this Training location has been changed to Base Borden. Cadets are to speak with O..

Regular Training Night24-Nov-2015


2015 Orillia Santa Claus Parade22-Nov-2015

See attached Warning Order Orillia Santa Claus Parade (/2015/Orillia santa Clause Parade 201..

Regular Training Night17-Nov-2015


2015 Remembrance Day11-Nov-2015

See attached Warning Order 2015 Remembrance Day (/2015/Remembrance day oro-medonte2015.doc)..

2015 Vigil10-Nov-2015

See attached Warning Orders 2015 Vigil Instructions (/2015/Vigal Instructions 2015.doc) ..

Regular Training Night10-Nov-2015


2015 Poppy Sales07-Nov-2015

See attached Warning Order Poppy Sales (/2015/Poppy sales 2015.doc) ..

Regular Training Night03-Nov-2015


Drill Team Practice28-Oct-2015


Halloween Dance27-Oct-2015

Come at regular training time and in Costume..

Regular Training Night27-Oct-2015


2015 Take a Vet to Dinner24-Oct-2015

See attached Warning Order Take a Vet to Dinner (/2015/Take a Vet to Dinner 2015.doc) ..

Band Practice22-Oct-2015

1830 - 2030 hrs..

Regular Training Night20-Oct-2015


Tag Days16-Oct-2015

See attached Warning Order Tag Days (/2015/Tag days Orillia 2015.doc)..

Drill Team Practice14-Oct-2015


Regular Training Night13-Oct-2015


Fall FTX09-Oct-2015

See below link for Warning Order details... Fall FTX (/2015/WARNING ORDER fall ftx.d..

Regular Training Night06-Oct-2015


Regular Training Night29-Sep-2015


2015 Fall Gliding Weekend25-Sep-2015

Fall Gliding weekend, see notice on front page for details on Gliding Weekends Warning Order..

Ticket Sales - Coldwater Fall Fair25-Sep-2015

Friday night - 1600 - 2000 hrs (4 Cadets) Sat - 1200 - 1500, 1500 - 1800 (4 Cadets each shif..

Regular Training Night22-Sep-2015


Regular Training Night15-Sep-2015


Ticket Sales - Orillia Fair11-Sep-2015

4 Cadets per shift Fri - 1600 - 2000 hrs (4 cadets) Sat - 1200 - 1600, 1600 - 2000, (4 ..

Regular Training Night08-Sep-2015


Fairgrounds Clean-up07-Sep-2015

ALL Cadets are asked to come out and help with the Orillia Fairgrounds Clean-up at ODAS park fro..

Annual Corn Roast and Registration Night01-Sep-2015

All Cadets and Parents are invited to come to the Squadron and enjoy a Welcome Back Corn Roast. ..

Sr. PD Day29-Aug-2015

Located at the Squadron for ALL Senior Cadets..

Vimy Ridge Information Session09-Jul-2015

http://99lynx.com/Warning%20Orders/201415/REMEMBERING%20VIMY%20RIDGE.doc (/Warning Orders/201415/REM..

Mariposa Parking Detail04-Jul-2015

Parents Needed!!! Please contact Rick Purcell if able to assist @ 705-330-4815 This is o..

Summer Camp Parent Information Night16-Jun-2015

1900 hrs (7 pm) at the Squadron..

Annual Review14-Jun-2015

Barnfield Point Arena This is an all day event Bring uniform on hanger and be there for..

Awards Night09-Jun-2015

Full Dress Uniform At ODAS 1815 hrs..

CO's Parade02-Jun-2015

1815 hrs - ODAS Full Dress Uniform..

2015 Year End Trip29-May-2015

http://99lynx.com/Warning%20Orders/Kit%20List001.pdf (/Warning Orders/Kit List001.pdf) http://99..

Regular Training Night26-May-2015


Spring FTX23-May-2015

Warning Order Event / Exercise: 99 Lynx Spring FTX, 23-24 May 2015 Tim..

Regular Training Night19-May-2015


Regular Training Night12-May-2015

Summer Dress..

Regular Training Night05-May-2015


Regular Training Night28-Apr-2015


Regular Training Night21-Apr-2015


Gliding - North Bay17-Apr-2015

More details to follow..

Regular Training Night14-Apr-2015


Change of Command Ceremonies08-Apr-2015


Regular Training Night/ODAS07-Apr-2015

Change of Command Ceremonies rehearsal..

Regular Training Night31-Mar-2015


Regular Training Night24-Mar-2015


Lt Peter Muehlegg Funeral Service21-Mar-2015

Rest in Peace Peter..

Mess Dinner21-Mar-2015


Mess Dinner21-Mar-2015

Legion 1900 hrs - 2100 hrs..

Regular Training Night17-Mar-2015


March Break Stand Down16-Mar-2015

March Break Stand Down..

Regular Training Night10-Mar-2015


Regular Training Night03-Mar-2015


Zone Rifle Shooting Comp28-Feb-2015


Tag Days27-Feb-2015

This is our second yearly Tag Day Fundraiser. All Cadets are reminded that this is a MANDATORY e..

Regular Training Night24-Feb-2015


Tubing - Fun Night!24-Feb-2015

There is tubing on Tuesday, February 24th. Please go to www.signupgenius.com (http://www.signupg..

Range Team Practice22-Feb-2015

There is range practice for the range team only on Sunday, February 22nd at the squadron from 9:..

Effective Speaking19-Feb-2015


Regular Training Night17-Feb-2015


Flying Scholarship Interviews14-Feb-2015

Participating cadets need to be at the squadron at 10:30 a.m. in full dress with ribbons and med..

Effective Speaking Competition (Local)12-Feb-2015

Any cadets interested in participating in Effective Speaking should talk to 2Lt. Meuhlegg...

Drill Team11-Feb-2015

1900 - 2100..

Regular Training Night10-Feb-2015


Winter Sports Day - Skating08-Feb-2015

Cadets are to be at the Squadron for 0830 hrs (8:30 am) Bring valid Health Card as well as your..

CO's Parade ODAS03-Feb-2015


Regular Training Night03-Feb-2015


Sr Course Practice Interviews29-Jan-2015

Practice interviews for the flight scholarship candidates will take place on Thursday, January 29th ..

Regular Training Night27-Jan-2015


Regular Training Night20-Jan-2015



1300 hrs - 1500 hrs Cadets are to be dropped off and picked up at Orillia YMCA..

Regular Training Night13-Jan-2015


Range Team Practice11-Jan-2015

1200 hrs (noon) - 1530 hrs (330pm)..

Flying Scholarship Exams10-Jan-2015


Regular Training Night06-Jan-2015


Stand Down20-Dec-2014

All Air Cadet Activities will be stood down for Christmas Holidays..

Family Christmas Dinner16-Dec-2014

Details to follow..

Band Practice11-Dec-2014


Drill Team Practice10-Dec-2014


Deadline for Christmas Banquet Tickets09-Dec-2014

Lat night to get tickets for this years Banquet. Tickets cost $11 per person or $40 for a famil..

Regular Training Night09-Dec-2014


Year End Trip Forms/Camp Applications09-Dec-2014

Last day to submit forms and applications..

Moonstone Santa Claus Parade07-Dec-2014

Moonstone Parade Route The Moonstone Santa Claus Parade starts at the Township Works Yard wh..

Coldwater Santa Claus Parade06-Dec-2014

Details to follow..

Flying Scholarship Training Workshop06-Dec-2014

Details to follow..

Band Practice27-Nov-2014


Drill Team Practice26-Nov-2014


Regular Training Night25-Nov-2014


Orillia Santa Claus Parade23-Nov-2014

Details to follow..

Band Practice20-Nov-2014


Drill Team Practice19-Nov-2014


Regular Training Night18-Nov-2014


Band Practice13-Nov-2014


Drill Team Practice12-Nov-2014


Remembrance Day Parade - Orillia11-Nov-2014

To be continued along with the Vigil. There will be no Regular Training this evenin..

Remembrance Day Vigil10-Nov-2014


Flying Scholarship Training Workshop08-Nov-2014

At The Squadron - Details to be forwarded to cadets..

Poppy Sales08-Nov-2014


Band Practice06-Nov-2014

6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the squadron FOR SENIOR PLAYERS ONLY..

Drill Team Practice05-Nov-2014

At Squadron..

Co's Parade Night - ODAS04-Nov-2014

There is CO's parade on Tuesday, November 4th at ODAS Park in full dress from 6;15 - 9:00 p.m..

Range Practice02-Nov-2014

Range Team Only..

Band Practice30-Oct-2014

New pipers and drummers will practice from 1830 to 1930. Experienced players will be 1830-2030. New ..

Drill Team Practice29-Oct-2014

7:00 - 8:30 p.m. New cadets are welcome. Cadets must bring their Air Cadet boots and wedge with them..

Regular Training Night28-Oct-2014


Take a Vet to Dinner25-Oct-2014

Lt. Pleau OIC..

Band Practice23-Oct-2014

New pipers and drummers will practice from 1830 to 1930. Experienced players will be 1830-2030. New ..

Drill Team Practice22-Oct-2014

7:00 - 8:30 p.m. New cadets are welcome. Cadets must bring their Air Cadet boots and wedge with them..

Regular Training Night21-Oct-2014


Tag Days17-Oct-2014

This is our Major fund raiser and ALL CADETS are reminded this is a mandatory event. Please be ..

Band Practice16-Oct-2014

New pipers and drummers will practice from 1830 to 1930. Experienced players will be 1830-2030. New ..

Drill Team Practice15-Oct-2014

7:00 - 8:30 p.m. New cadets are welcome. Cadets must bring their Air Cadet boots and wedge with them..

Regular Training Night14-Oct-2014


Familiarization Flying 11-Oct-2014

WARNING ORDER Event: 99 Lynx Sqn Familiarization flying scheduled for 11 Oct 2..

Band Practice09-Oct-2014

New pipers and drummers will practice from 1830 to 1930. Experienced players will be 1830-2030. New ..

Drill Team Practice08-Oct-2014

7:00 - 8:30 p.m. New cadets are welcome. Cadets must bring their Air Cadet boots and wedge with them..

Regular Training Night07-Oct-2014


FTX Aircrew Survival Weekend04-Oct-2014

2nd Lt Sean Cousens OIC, Details to follow.....

Level 5 Training PO 51303-Oct-2014


Band Practice02-Oct-2014

New pipers and drummers will practice from 1830 to 1930. Experienced players will be 1830-2030. ..

Drill Team Practice CANCELLED01-Oct-2014

Practice this week has been CANCELLED..

Regular Training Night30-Sep-2014


Ticket Sales - Coldwater Fall Fair26-Sep-2014

Sept 26 - 1600 - 2000 Sept 27 - 1200 - 1500, 1500 - 1800 Coldwater Fall Fair Air C..

Regular Training Night23-Sep-2014



30 Cadets More Details to be posted soon..

Regular Training Night16-Sep-2014


Regular Training Night09-Sep-2014


Ticket Sales - Orillia Fall Fair05-Sep-2014

Sept 5th - 1700 - 2100 Sept 6th - 1200 - 1600, 1600 - 2000 Orillia Fall Fair Air C..

Corn Roast02-Sep-2014

Welcome Back! Annual Corn Roast is held at the Squadron and all Cadets and Parents are welcome...

ODAS Clean up01-Sep-2014

Lunch Provided, 12 Cadets needed See Sign up Genius WARNING ORDER ..

Mariposa Parking04-Jul-2014

Parents and Adults are needed to assist the Squadron Sponsoring Committee as we assist with Park..

Spring FTX14-Jun-2014

A fun filled weekend! Details to follow..

Summer Camp Parent/Cadet Meeting10-Jun-2014

All Parents of Cadets attending Summer Camp are requested to attend this evening to receive info..

Annual Review - Barnfield Point08-Jun-2014

RE: Annual Ceremonial Review Dear Parents, It is that time of year again when th..

Awards Night - ODAS03-Jun-2014


Open Doors Orillia24-May-2014

Warning Order Event / Exercise: Doors Open Ontario (Orillia..

Fun Shoot18-May-2014


ACAD - Borden03-May-2014


Easter Range Shooting Event27-Apr-2014

Details to follow..

Familiarization Flying26-Apr-2014

See Warning Order on Web Front Page for details ..

First Aid26-Apr-2014

Details to follow..

Gliding Weekend18-Apr-2014

North Bay - Details to follow..

Band Workshop05-Apr-2014

Selected Cadets..

Norfolk Trip08-Mar-2014

See Warning Orders and details on Front page link...

Tag Days28-Feb-2014

Reminder that to qualify for the Virginia Trip Cadets must have attended the required sessions of Ta..

Regular Training Night25-Feb-2014


Regular Training Night18-Feb-2014


Virginia Trip Parent Information Night18-Feb-2014

All parents are requested to attend the Squadron at 8pm for an information session regarding our upc..

Regular Training Night11-Feb-2014



1230 pm - 530 pm 1230hrs-1730hrs..

Semi Formal - Valentines Day Dance08-Feb-2014

700 pm - 930 pm 1900hrs-2130hrs At Squadron..

Regular Training Night04-Feb-2014


Senior Course Interviews01-Feb-2014

Details to follow.....

Regular Training Night28-Jan-2014


Regular Training Night21-Jan-2014


Regular Training Night14-Jan-2014


Flying Scholarship Exams11-Jan-2014

Details to follow... GOOD LUCK!..

Regular Training Night07-Jan-2014


Stand Down for Christmas21-Dec-2013

Stand Down, No Cadet Activities for Christmas Holidays..

Christmas Banquet17-Dec-2013

All cadets and their families welcome. To be held at the Legion. Details to follow..

Regular Training Night17-Dec-2013


Familiarization Flying14-Dec-2013

Please see below links for detailed information... http://99lynx.com/Warning%20Orders/..

Regular Training Night10-Dec-2013


Tour of Lights08-Dec-2013

12 Cadets to be assigned..

Santa Claus Parade Coldwater07-Dec-2013

All Cadets required - Further information to follow..

Regular Training Night03-Dec-2013


Moonstone Santa Claus Parade01-Dec-2013

Details to follow.....

Spaghetti Fundraiser Dinner29-Nov-2013

Details to follow.....

Regular Training Night26-Nov-2013


Santa Claus Parade - Orillia24-Nov-2013

All Cadets required - 1230 form up at waterfront..

Band Workshop23-Nov-2013

All Band Members To be held in Shelburne, details to follow..

Regular Training Night19-Nov-2013


Regular Training Night12-Nov-2013


Remembrance Day Parade - Orillia11-Nov-2013

All Cadets Required..

Remembrance Vigil10-Nov-2013

OSMH, All Cadets required. Overnight Assignments to be announced..

Regular Training Night05-Nov-2013


Remembrance Day Service - Oro-Medonte03-Nov-2013

Require 8 Cadets..

Remembrance Day Service - Warminster03-Nov-2013

Details to follow..

Poppy Sales02-Nov-2013

Details to follow...

Flying Scholarship31-Oct-2013


Regular Training Night29-Oct-2013


Take a Vet to Dinner26-Oct-2013


Flying Scholarship24-Oct-2013


Regular Training Night22-Oct-2013


Tag Days18-Oct-2013

This is our largest fundraiser of the year so please ensure you are signed up for at least one s..

Flying Scholarship17-Oct-2013


Regular Training Night15-Oct-2013


Flying Scholarship10-Oct-2013


Regular Training Night08-Oct-2013


Aircrew Survival FTX04-Oct-2013

Joint FTX with Huntsville Squadron - All cadets welcome, more info to follow.....

Flying Scholarship03-Oct-2013


Regular Training Night01-Oct-2013


Coldwater Fall Fair Ticket Sales28-Sep-2013

Noon to 7 pm..

Flying Scholarship26-Sep-2013


Training Night24-Sep-2013


Flying Scholarship19-Sep-2013


Training Night17-Sep-2013


Gliding Weekend13-Sep-2013

Cadets will take part in gliding in North Bay on the weekend of 13 September to the 15 September..

Flying Scholarship12-Sep-2013


Training Night10-Sep-2013


Corn Roast - Welcome Back03-Sep-2013

Cadets and Parents are invited to join us at the Squadron on Sept 3rd at 630 pm for our Annual C..

Fairgrounds Clean-up02-Sep-2013

On September 2nd 2013 99 Lynx Air Cadets help the Orillia Fairgrounds Volunteers Clean up the gr..

Mariposa Parking Detail (Adults)05-Jul-2013

All Parents and Volunteers needed.....

Summer Camp Info night11-Jun-2013


Annual Ceremonial Review09-Jun-2013


Awards Night04-Jun-2013


Year End Trip31-May-2013

Year End Trip. We are preparing for another fabulous year end trip that will no doubt be as ..

Regular Training Night28-May-2013


Regular Training Night21-May-2013


Regular Training Night14-May-2013



99 Lynx RCAirCS will be gliding at CFB North Bay on 11 May 2013. Cadets need to be at the ..

Regular Training Night07-May-2013


Air Cadet Activity Day (ACAD)04-May-2013

Details to follow.....

Regular Training Night30-Apr-2013


Borden Day - Training28-Apr-2013

Details to follow..

Regular Training Night23-Apr-2013


Gliding Weekend19-Apr-2013

April 19 to 21 we will travel up to North Bay for our Spring Gliding. The maximum for cadets we ..

Regular Training Night16-Apr-2013


Power familiarization flying 14-Apr-2013

Senior Cadets More info to follow..

Regular Training Night09-Apr-2013


Mess Dinner06-Apr-2013


Regular Training Night26-Mar-2013


Regular Training Night19-Mar-2013


March Break Stand Down10-Mar-2013

Stand Down - March Break..

Regular Training Night05-Mar-2013



Level 1 1000-1300 hrs (10 am to 1 pm), all other Levels 1300-1600 hrs (1 pm to 4 pm). Wear ..

Winter Tag Days01-Mar-2013

Tag Days our top Squadron Fundraiser. Cadets are required to Sign up for 1 Shift over the..

Regular Training Night26-Feb-2013


Regular Training Night19-Feb-2013


Effective Speaking Competition14-Feb-2013

Details to follow..

Regular Training Night12-Feb-2013


Winter Sports Weekend09-Feb-2013

Details to follow..

Regular Training Night05-Feb-2013


Rifle Team - Zone Shoot03-Feb-2013

Details to follow..

Scholarship Interviews02-Feb-2013

Details to follow..

Regular Training Night29-Jan-2013


Regular Training Night22-Jan-2013


Regular Training Night15-Jan-2013



1200 - 1530 at the Squadron..

Flying Scholarship Exams12-Jan-2013

Details to follow regarding location etc. GOOD LUCK to All candidates!!!..

Regular Training Night08-Jan-2013


Stand Down21-Dec-2012


Flying Scholarship20-Dec-2012


Christmas Banquet18-Dec-2012

Orillia Legion..

Flying Scholarship Practice Test15-Dec-2012

Location - Squadron..

Flying Scholarship13-Dec-2012


Regular Training Night11-Dec-2012


Tour of Lights09-Dec-2012

Cadets are to meet at Park Street Collegiate at 1800 hrs (6pm) Pick - up will be at ODAS at ..

Flying Scholarship06-Dec-2012


Regular Training Night04-Dec-2012


Flying Scholarship29-Nov-2012


Regular Training Night27-Nov-2012


NCO Instructors Course25-Nov-2012

Location - Squadron..

Senior NCO Day25-Nov-2012

Please see Sign up link on Main page for sign up details..

Flying Scholarship22-Nov-2012


Regular Training Night20-Nov-2012


Santa Claus Parade18-Nov-2012

Please see Sign up link on Main page for sign up details..

Flying Scholarship15-Nov-2012


Regular Training Night13-Nov-2012


Remembrance Day Parade11-Nov-2012


Remembrance Vigil10-Nov-2012

Soldier's Memorial Hospital Please see Sign up link on Main page for sign up details..

Flying Scholarship08-Nov-2012


Regular Training Night06-Nov-2012


Remembrance Day Service Oro-Medonte Hawkestone04-Nov-2012

1500hrs (3pm) - 1600hrs (4pm) 8 cadets are needed for Oro-Medonte's Remembrance Day Service ..

Warminster Remembrance Day Service04-Nov-2012

1300hrs (1pm) - 1500hrs (3pm) at the Warminster Legion Please see Remembrance Day Servic..

Poppy Sales03-Nov-2012

1000hrs (10am) - 1400hrs (2pm) Please see Poppy Sales Sign up under the Cadet Sign up Link..

Flying Scholarship01-Nov-2012


Regular Training Night30-Oct-2012


Flying Scholarship25-Oct-2012


Regular Training Night23-Oct-2012


Range 1200 - 153021-Oct-2012

1200 - 1530 Team - Theories and and Practical Exercises..

Tag Days19-Oct-2012

All Cadets are required. This is mandatory. Information will follow with specific details...

Flying Scholarship18-Oct-2012


Regular Training Night16-Oct-2012


Range 0800 - 163014-Oct-2012

Jrs and Srs - Last practice, (am) and in-house competition 1pm ..

Flying Scholarship11-Oct-2012


Regular Training Night09-Oct-2012


Range 0800 - 120007-Oct-2012

Jrs and Srs - All New Shooters Only - Completion of PO 106 0800 - 1200..

Range 1230 - 163007-Oct-2012

Jrs and Srs - Returning Cadets from last year only - Completion of PO 206/306 1230 - 1630..

Flying Scholarship04-Oct-2012


Parents Meeting02-Oct-2012


Regular Training Night02-Oct-2012


Coldwater Fall Fair28-Sep-2012

Ticket Sales and Recruiting..

Flying Scholarship27-Sep-2012


Regular Training Night25-Sep-2012


Fall FTX21-Sep-2012

Aircrew Survival Field Training Exercise Cadets are to arrive at Squadron by 1700 hrs (5pm) ..

Regular Training Night18-Sep-2012


Gliding Weekend14-Sep-2012

North Bay http://99lynx.com/Warning%20Orders/WrgO%20Gliding%20Fall.doc ..

Regular Training Night11-Sep-2012


Orillia Fall Fair - Lottery Ticket Sales07-Sep-2012

Details to follow..

Corn Roast04-Sep-2012

Please join us at the Squadron LHQ for our Annual "Welcome Back" Corn Roast Starts at 1815 h..

Fair Grounds Clean - up03-Sep-2012

All hands on deck! Every year we help the local Fairgrounds with their annual clean-up and p..

Mariposa Folk Festival07-Jul-2012

This is one of 99 Lynx Squadron's major Fund Raising events. Please make every effort to help o..

Canada Day Parade01-Jul-2012

Cadets will be meeting in the Tammy`s Place restaurant parking lot (Mississauga St and Albert St..

Orillia Canada Day Weekend Recruiting 30-Jun-2012

Saturday (30 June) – 0830h (8:30am) to 1300h (1:00pm) 1300h ..

Snow Birds Arrival Meet and Greet28-Jun-2012

Cadets shall be dropped off (at 1430 hrs) and picked up in the main terminal building lobby at the S..

Annual Review10-Jun-2012

Cadets are to arrive at Barnfield Point Recreation Centre no later than 0900 hrs with their unif..

Band Practice26-Apr-2012


Drill Team Practice25-Apr-2012

7 - 9 pm..

Regular Training Night24-Apr-2012



North Bay Warning Order to follow - see front page of Web Site for basic details on Gliding ..

Band Practice19-Apr-2012


Drill Team Practice18-Apr-2012

7 - 9 pm..

Regular Training Night17-Apr-2012


Band Practice12-Apr-2012


Drill Team Practice11-Apr-2012

7 - 9 pm..

Regular Training Night10-Apr-2012


Band Practice05-Apr-2012


Drill Team Practice04-Apr-2012

7 - 9 pm..

Regular Training Night - ODAS03-Apr-2012

CO's Parade at ODAS..

Band Practice29-Mar-2012


Drill Team Practice28-Mar-2012

7 - 9 pm..

Regular Training Night27-Mar-2012


Regular Training Night27-Mar-2012

Regular Training Night - Winter Dress..

Inter-Squadron Sports/Drill/Range Event24-Mar-2012

Please be at Orillia District Collegiate Vocational Institute (ODCVI) no later than 0830 hrs (8:30 a..

Regular Training Night20-Mar-2012


Washington Trip10-Mar-2012

Washington Trip See details via Home page link..

Regular Training Night28-Feb-2012


Citizenship Tours25-Feb-2012

CFB Borden, All Cadets..

Zone Rifle Shooting Comp24-Feb-2012

Rifle Team, Details to follow..

Regular Training Night21-Feb-2012


Effective Speaking Competition16-Feb-2012

Location to be announced..

Regular Training Night14-Feb-2012


Regular Training Night07-Feb-2012


Air Cadet League Sr. Course Applicant \interviews04-Feb-2012

Times to be announced, located at the Squadron..

Regular Training Night31-Jan-2012


Regular Training Night24-Jan-2012


Regular Training Night17-Jan-2012


Flying Scholarship Exams14-Jan-2012

At Squadron for all applicants..

Regular Training Night10-Jan-2012


Regular Training Night03-Jan-2012


Cadet Activities STAND DOWN23-Dec-2011

Merry Christams and Happy New Year to ALL..

Regular Training Night20-Dec-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Flying Scholarship Training19-Dec-2011

1900 - 2100 at LHQ..

Christmas Banquet16-Dec-2011

To take place at the Royal Canadian Legion, ALL cadets and their families are invited More D..

Regular Training Night13-Dec-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Flying Scholarship Training12-Dec-2011

1900 - 2100 at lhq..

Regular Training Night06-Dec-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Flying Scholarship Training05-Dec-2011

1900 - 2100 at LHQ..

Tour of Lights Seniors Tour04-Dec-2011

Cadets are to meet at Park Street Collegiate School at 6:15 pm (1815hrs) They can be picked ..

Coldwater Santa Claus Parade03-Dec-2011

All Cadets - Warning Order Event / Activity: Santa Claus Parade; 3 Dec 201..

Regular Training Night29-Nov-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Flying Scholarship Training28-Nov-2011

1900 - 2100 at LHQ..

Ticket Sales25-Nov-2011

Orillia Square Mall Attend according to your scheduled assignment Mandatory! It is imper..

Regular Training Night22-Nov-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Flying Scholarship Training21-Nov-2011

1900 - 21-- at LHQ..

Orillia Santa Claus Parade20-Nov-2011

All Cadets - Warning Order Event / Activity: Santa Claus Parade; 20 Nov 20..

Pipes and Drums Workshop19-Nov-2011

More Details to be forthcoming..

Regular Training Night15-Nov-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Flying Scholarship Training14-Nov-2011

1900 - 2100 at LHQ..

Remembrance Day Parade11-Nov-2011

Warning Order Event / Activity: Remembrance Day Vigil and Parade; 10/11 Nov 201..

Remembrance Vigil10-Nov-2011

Warning Order Event / Activity: Remembrance Day Vigil and Parade; 10/11 Nov 201..

Regular Training Night08-Nov-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Flying Scholarship Training07-Nov-2011

1900 - 2100 at LHQ..

Remembrance Day Service - Warminster06-Nov-2011

Remembrance Day Service - Warminster Warning Order Event / Exercise: Rememb..

Poppy Sales05-Nov-2011

Poppy Sales Warning Order Event / Exercise: Poppy Sales 5 Nov 2011 ..

Regular Training Night01-Nov-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Flying Scholarship Training31-Oct-2011

1900 - 2100 at LHQ..

Tag Days28-Oct-2011

Tag Days - All Cadets - Mandatory..

Band Night27-Oct-2011

1900 - 2030..

Regular Training Night25-Oct-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Flying Scholarship Training24-Oct-2011

1900 -2100 at LHQ..

Band Night20-Oct-2011

1900 - 2030..

Regular Training Night18-Oct-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Flying Scholarship Training17-Oct-2011

1900 - 2100 At LHQ..

Aircrew Survival FTX15-Oct-2011

Orser Property - All Cadets - Departs from Squadron by 0800 hrs 15 Oct Warning Order ..

Band Night13-Oct-2011

1900 - 2030..

Regular Training Night11-Oct-2011

LHQ - 1830..

Band Night06-Oct-2011

1900 - 2030..

CO's Parade ODAS Park04-Oct-2011

Reminder that the ACO and ACA will be attending this night. Volunteers are reminded to wear their i..

Band Night29-Sep-2011

All Cadets Welcome 1900 - 2030..

Sports Night27-Sep-2011

We will meet at the squadron for regular time. We will proceed to the ball diamond for 7pm. C..

Coldwater Fall Fair/Lottery Ticket Sales23-Sep-2011

Coldwater Fair - All Cadets - Cadets will be assigned to shifts Warning Order Even..

Regular Training Night20-Sep-2011


Gliding Weekend16-Sep-2011

North Bay - 25 Cadets - Leaves Squadron at 1800hrs (6PM) Friday Please disregard previous t..

Regular Training Night13-Sep-2011


Orillia Fall Fair/Lottery Ticket Sales09-Sep-2011

All Cadets - Orillia Fall Fair - Cadets will be assigned to shifts Warning Order ..

First Night Back - Corn Roast06-Sep-2011

Welcome Back! Come and enjoy our first night back from summer leave. All are welcome to join us fo..

Mariposa Folk Festival 08-Jul-2011

99 Lynx Squadron volunteers assist with parking responsibilities and in turn funds are raised for th..

Annual Inspection12-Jun-2011

At Barnfield arena..

Annual Review12-Jun-2011

Barnfield Arena..

Parade Night at ODAS07-Jun-2011

Cadets and \parents are reminded that Cadets will be held at ODAS..

Parade Night at ODAS31-May-2011

Cadets and \parents are reminded that Cadets will be held at ODAS..

Parade Night at ODAS24-May-2011

Cadets and \parents are reminded that Cadets will be held at ODAS..


North Bay Pick up and drop off at Squadron..


In Borden with pick up and drop off at Local Squadron All Cadets..

Parents Night10-May-2011

Parents Night All parents invited to be at Squadron where an informative session will be held expl..

Annual TRIP22-Apr-2011


Cadet Walk-A-Thon16-Apr-2011

All Cadets..

Ticket Sales26-Feb-2011

At Orillia Square Mall - Sat 1000 hrs - 1600 hrs. Sun 1100 hrs - 1600 hrs..

Effective Speaking24-Feb-2011

1900 hrs at Squadron..


For all 2 and 3 week courses..

Tag Day (second of the year)12-Feb-2011

0800 - 1600 @ Squadron..

6 Week Course Interviews05-Feb-2011

At Borden, Details to follow..

Flying Scholarship Exams15-Jan-2011

1000 hrs at LHQ..

First Parade Night of 201104-Jan-2011

To be held at LHQ (Wyandotte St) Not ODAS as previously announced..

Flying Scholarship Practice Exam03-Jan-2011

At LHQ..

Nation Camp Applications17-Dec-2010

All National Camp Applications MUST be turned in to Capt. Tilker by this date!..

Parent - Cadet Dinner17-Dec-2010

All Cadets Details to follow 1800 hrs at the Royal Canadian Legion..

Santa Claus Parade21-Nov-2010

All Cadets to attend Starting location: Legion at 1130 hrs Form up at 1200 hrs Parade at 1300 ..

Remembrance Parade11-Nov-2010

All Cadets Please report to the parking lot across the street from Soldiers Memorial Hospital for..


All Cadets Please report to Soldiers Memorial Hospital for 1630 hrs..


At Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Orillia. All Cadets..

Warminster Remembrance Parade07-Nov-2010

All Cadets..

Poppy Sales05-Nov-2010



North Bay..

Tag Day01-Oct-2010

MANDATORY - All Cadets required to participate. This is our Major fund raiser for the year...

Bush Exercise24-Sep-2010

In Brechin (south of Orillia) All Cadets..

Battle of Britain19-Sep-2010

Barrier, Details to be announced..

Fall Fair Displays10-Sep-2010

At ODAS Park, Require as many cadets as posible to assist with displays and sell tickets...

ODAS Clean-up06-Sep-2010

All Cadets..

SSC Meeting23-Aug-2010

Location to be determined..

Maraposa Folk Fest. Parking Detail09-Jul-2010

Volunteers needed to assist in parking detail. This is one of our BIG fund raiser...

Canada Day Parade01-Jul-2010


Squadron B-B-Que26-Jun-2010

To be held at the PAUTSCH property (directions to follow) 4 pm - 9 pm..

ODAS Park08-Jun-2010

Annual Review rehearsal..



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